Café littéraire Le Bovary

Address → Rue de Laroche 1 · L–1918 Luxembourg
Venue type → HORECA: bar, restaurant · Venue size → small · Stage → no.
Internet → Homepage · Coordinates → 49.62829800,6.13518400

Description → A timeless meeting place for all lovers of literature, music and everything related to the artistic world in the picturesque heart of the Weimerskirch, Le Bovary Literary Café is the first permanent literary café in the Grand Duchy. Public readings, screenings, meetings with writers, slam evenings, philosophical round tables, exhibitions of local artists, small "café-theatre" shows,... everyone will be able to find their happiness in this den of omniscience and conviviality with its vintage setting and jazzy sounds under the sign of discovery, encounter and debate.
The bar has an upright piano. The Blue Bovary Jazz & Blues Club is situated in the basement of the restaurant.

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