Technical Rider

Download the Technical Rider in PDF format

Stage plot

Stage piano, vocals: Christian Ries

Roland RD-88 (Output: left and right 6.35mm jacks) or similar (Roland RD 300, 700, 800, 2000);
Mic with flexible holder;
Music stand with flexible light;
Piano bench.

Guitar: Paulo Simões

Gibson ES-335
Mic : Sennheiser e 609
Amp : Fender Princeton (12W) 1×12 speaker (220V)
Pedalboard (220V)
Music stand for large Tablet

Drums: Rob Schauls

Drum set:
Bass drum 18″ (or 20″);
Snare drum;
1 ride cymbal;
1-2 crash cymbals;
Cow bells;
Drum throne.