Blue Shade

Blue Shade was a Luxembourgian blues and rock band.


The band was founded as a cover band on 22 October 2002. In March 2003 the band performed its first concert on a private party. After some alterations to its line-up, the band started to write its own songs. The band was proud to play as first act for Sandra Hall & The Gnola Blues Band at Sang a Klang and during the festival Rock um Knuedler. In 2005 the band made it to the finals of Emergenza, where they ended up second after Fast Friday. 1

Blue Shade played at the E-Lake festival in 2005 and at the Jazz ‘n’ Blues Rallye in 2006. 2 On 18 March 2006 the band presented its album Director’s Cut in the Sang a Klang venue.

The band split in 2007 3 4


This incomplete line-up was compiled from an online source. 5

  • Ken Brandenburger – guitar, vocals
  • Alessandro (Sandro) Unfer – bass
  • Véronique Conrardy – drums (2002)
  • Diego Velasquez – guitar (2002-2003)
  • Julian Klaedtke – drums (2002-2005)
  • Matthieu Wanderscheid – guitar (2003-?)
  • Tim Rinnen – vocals (2004-?)
  • Christophe Maas – drums (2005-)
  • Jérôme Klein – keyboard, vocals (2005-)
  • Patrick Gerges – sax (2005-)


  • 2006: Director’s Cut




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  4. According to an article published in November 2011 at Blue Shade didn’nt exist anymore back in 2008: “Vor ziemlich genau drei Jahren fanden die Mitglieder von „The Jacob Cons-piracy“ zusammen. „Meine Band ‘Blue Shade’ hatte sich aufgelöst und ich war auf der Suche nach neuen Mitstreitern,“ beschreibt Ken den Entstehungsprozess.
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