Liste des chansons pour le concert d’hiver sur la place d’Armes

Mercredi 16 décembre 2015

RV à 12h15, concert à 12h30.

Choeurs: ACDC, All-in-One, Arendt Voices, Choeur BdL


  1. Go, tell it on the moutain (medley)
  2. Joshua (medley)
  3. Gloria, Les anges dans nos campagnes
  4. Standing in the need of prayer

ARENDT Voices+ Choeur BDL

  1. Scat Calypso
  2. Down in the river
  3. Salley Gardens
  4. Since the loving savior
  5. Cotton


  1. Abendlied (Evening rise…) [PDF]
  2. If you’re happy
  3. Deep blue see
  4. Los Peces en el rio
  5. Ya viene la Vieja


  1. Music (Shakespeare)
  2. Maria durch ein Dornwald ging
  3. El Cant dels Ocells
  4. Sailing
  5. Glorious kingdom
  6. An der grousser hell’ger Nuecht

El cant dels ocells

“El cant dels ocells” (The song of the birds) is a traditional Catalan lullaby and Christmas song.

The song was made famous outside Catalonia by Pablo Casals’ instrumental version on the cello. After his exile in 1939, he would begin each of his concerts by playing this song. For this reason, it is often considered a symbol of Catalonia.

Winter Concert of ACDC at Places d’Armes

We gave our traditional Winter Concert (some still name it the old way “Xmas-concert”) on Wednesday December 11th @ 12:30 from the Kiosk overlooking Place d’Armes, while the audience stood across the winter market drinking mulled wine and eating waffles. Thanks to Daniel Iannizzi who sent both photos.


  1. Viva la musica
  2. Dis-moi, beau printemps
  3. Halleluja, fröhlich singet
  4. Spring, spring …
  5. Bajuschki, Baju
  6. Any time you need a calypso
  7. Gaudens in Domino
  8. On avait beau lui dire
  9. Leaving of Liverpool
  10. Los peces en el Rio
  11. Wayfarin` stranger
  12. Somebody loves you
  13. An der grousser hell’ger Nuecht